The website is the product of a postdoctoral research on “The tradition of social responsibility of banking institutions. Romanian banks in Banat and Crișana (1900-1914) / History, branding and social responsibility ”, made during 2020 at the University of Bucharest.


The objectives we set ourselves by creating this site are:


  • to capitalize, for the benefit of the private environment, on the documentation work carried out in recent years in various libraries and archives, to promote products, create or consolidate brands. This would be possible through consultancy services related to the past, age and traditions related to certain products (for example, the use of historical information to promote wines).
  • to promote the charitable activities done in the past by various persons or companies, Romanian banks from Banat and Crișana, which contributed to the progress of the Romanian society at the beginning of the 20th century. Presenting information from the past can provide current companies with examples of good practice, so that they can be inspired about how they can also get involved in social development and, at the same time, gain image capital.
  • this site will not only be a means of information, but also of connecting the stakeholders in the issue of corporate social responsibility: companies, banks, NGOs, educational institutions, communities in need, disadvantaged environments, etc. Through the site we will host announcements of entities that need help, so that legal entities who want to help can more easily find cases that may arouse their interest. The site will also host news about such actions of legal entities, helping them to raise awareness of their social involvement, the fact that they not only pursue profit, but feel responsible for the development of the communities that host them and help them to get this profit.