Researching the history of the rural world and its mentality, we had the opportunity to find in archives and libraries information regarding the Miniș Măderat Vineyard and the Arad viticulture. We were amazed by the richness of this area, its tangible and intangible heritage, a world that has largely disappeared during the twentieth century. Knowing this information, in the last two years we have gathered the materials that have been synthesized in this volume. The work is based on information from the archives, but also from a series of works that have been written since the end of the 19th century, information from the press of the time is also added. In writing this work we also used numerous images to bring to attention a world that is endangered, mansions, castles and villas built since the eighteenth century that are now abandoned and ruined and waiting to be saved. We mention that the images come from various old monographic publications, but also from the pages of recent monographs, such as those of Păuliș and Covăsînț. Other images are from some collectors and we mention in this sense the two Arad collectors, Puiu Emilian Valea and Vasile Faur, whom we thank for the materials provided. There are also a number of materials identified on different sites and in different libraries. All this is a work whose main purpose is to recover a heritage on the verge of extinction. We hope that the work, through its information, can serve to capitalize on the local heritage and can help the economic and cultural development of the area.